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Blood Medicine by Kathleen Sharp

A True Story of Two Unlikely Heroes Battling Big Pharma

The True Story

Two high-flying drug reps risk their careers — and even their lives– to stop a $30 billion health-care fraud. When drug rep salesman Mark Duxbury tries to alert his bosses at Johnson & Johnson, they punish him. But once he learns that the blockbuster drug he’s selling is actually killing people, he and his friend blow the whistle on the scheme. Will they win their legal battle and retrieve billions of taxpayer dollars? The U.S. District Court case is still not over….But, the film project at New Regency is underway with Adam Cooper and Bill Collage (Tower Heist) as the screenwriters.



The Acclaimed Book

Blood Medicine, formerly Blood Feud, is now launched by Plume at the Penguin Group. Called a “superbly written” tale, it details how Big Pharma often defrauds consumers, whether by hiding “grants” to doctors or giving kickbacks to hospitals. The whistle-blowing case is being argued by lawyer Jan Schlichtmann (A Civil Action) and will leave you astounded at the waste and danger lurking inside America’s medical system. It may even inspire you to rise up, as Duxbury did….