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Kathleen Sharp’s epic, true-life thriller Blood Feud was published less than a year ago. Yet, the issues in Sharp’s book, now called Blood Medicine, are making headlines in cities across the country.  Health care has been hotly debated in coffee houses, churches, campaign stops and even in the U.S. Supreme Court.  And now, our political leaders are discussing whether Medicare and Medicaid should be cut, salvaged, privatized or overhauled.  Throughout it all, the well-funded lobbyists for Big Pharma and Big Medicine manage to remain out of sight. Yet, the characters in Blood Medicine take us inside this enormous, secretive world to show us what really happens behind the closed doors of drug sales and marketing.

Here are a few of the articles for your enjoyment.

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Lance Armstrong and Our Doping Nation

J&J’s healing turned to stealing

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Blood Feud optioned as film

Pharma get’s close up in new Hollywood film

Medicare’s Blood Drugs

The divide and conquer of Big Pharma

Oprah Winfrey’s Summer Reading

Radio Interviews:

Radio New Zealand

The Leonard Lopate Show: Deceptive Personalities – WNYC

More to come…

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